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We have an array of firearms available for any situation which you are welcome to rent if you don't want the hassle of travelling with a rifle. However if you would like to bring your own trusted firearms we recommend you get in touch with a couple of months before your scheduled arrival. If you require any documents from us for your application we will be happy to provide them.


We always want to make sure that our hunting expeditions live forever in our memories and what better way to show respect to the animals and the hunt than to immortalise the trophies through taxidermy. We will see that your hard earned trophies arrive safely at the taxidermist not long after your hunt is over, and we then leave you in their professional and capable hands, whether you want to mount your trophies or just dip & ship them. 

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Packing for a trip can always be a stressful time! We will, to the best of our ability, advise you to the possible temperatures and weather patterns when you book with us.


We have also provided a packing list for you which you can Download Here.

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